Antique Rugs are Great Investments

Antique Rugs are Great Investments

A number of our oriental rugs in our Shrewsbury MA gallery are antique rugs (they are 70 years or older).

As time goes by, your rug will become more valuable and rare; our oriental rugs have a graceful aging process, and unlike other products, our rugs don’t fade with age. Also, antique rugs, because of their age, are usually one of a kind; it is very difficult to make the same exact rug with the same design, style and size.

A true antique rug has no sign of repairs or patches anywhere on the rug. Be sure that there are no “obvious” signs that the rug you’re interested in is a defect. Any missing boarder, or any restoration that is needed should be reflected in the price.

If you come to Persia Oriental Rug, you will find that all of our Antique Rugs are in great shape! There will be no missing boarders, or ugly patches sewed on at the bottom of the rug to hide repairs!

For more information about antique rugs, please give Persia Oriental Rug a call at 508-753-4667, or visit our showroom in Shrewsbury MA!