Oriental Rugs in Brookline MA

When it comes to finding Persian oriental rugs for sale, the trip from Brookline to Shrewsbury is well worth the drive! Located just off of Route 9, our oriental rug gallery is one of the largest in the area. We offer Brookline residents hundreds of rug options at competitive prices. We understand that in order to make your house feel like a home, an oriental rug is often what brings the look and feel of a room together.

Oriental Rugs For Sale in Brookline, MA

Although oriental rugs were originally from Persia and made before 1930, there are now rugs classified as “oriental rugs” based on color, style, and pattern. However, all Antique Persian rugs were made prior to 1930. At Persia Oriental Rug Gallery, Brookline residents can shop from a wide variety of rug types, including:

Rug Cleaning Service in Brookline, MA

Not only do we sell and repair oriental rugs for Brookline residents, but we also provide cleaning services. Cleaning and restoring your oriental rug is important to ensure the rug’s longevity. If you have an antique rug, it is especially important to keep your rug clean and in good condition if you plan on passing it on to family members. Our professional rug cleaners use gentle rug cleansers that reach deep down into the fibers of the rug without damaging the color or material itself. Moths are often common in homes around Brookline, which is why we also offer oriental rug mothproofing as a way to protect your rug from these pests.

Rug Repair Services in Brookline, MA

When you own an Oriental rug, it’s important that you keep up with the repairs and maintenance that come along with it. The rug experts at Persia Oriental Rug will make sure your rug is in the best care possible when we repair it. Prolong the life of your Oriental Rug so that you can admire it for years to come! Whether you need a rip repaired or one whole side restored, we will make sure you are happy with the results. Oriental rugs are meant to last a lifetime, so don’t give up on your rug just because there is something small that can be repaired.

For more information about our rug cleaning, rug restoration, or any other oriental rug services, contact us online. Interested in shopping for an oriental rug? Check out our online selection!