Oriental Rugs in Auburn MA

At about a 20-minute drive from Shrewsbury, MA sits Auburn MA. Part of Worcester County, Auburn is a fairly large area full of about 17,000 people. Many people that reside there are part of a family and the area is suburban and quiet.

Some places of interest in Auburn are the Auburn Public Library, a Skating Rink, a historical museum, and a golf course.

If you are thinking about adding a timeless piece of tapestry to your home, Persian Rugs is proud to offer rug retailing and cleaning services in Auburn.

We can help you choose the best piece for your home, and help you to maintain your investment over time. If you need the rug cleaned, we can do that for you, along with providing you with some helpful tips to take care of your rug once you leave our business.

Rug Cleaning in Auburn, MA

Having your rugs cleaned professionally can get all the dirt and grime out from daily use. Keeping your rugs clean can prolong their life and ensure that they are always looking their best. The professional rug cleaners at Persia Oriental Rug use high-quality rug cleaning products that get deep into the fibers for the perfect clean.

Rug Pads in Auburn, MA

Having a protective rug pad under your Oriental rug can help keep your floors safe. Our rug professionals emphasize the importance of rug pads to all of our customers. If you don’t have one already, we highly recommend purchasing one from us. We can help you choose one best fit for your specific rug. Your floors won’t be scratched when you go to move your rug in the future, and it will keep it from sliding around.

Rug Repair in Auburn, MA

When you have an Oriental rug, chances are you’ll eventually need repairs. Owning an Oriental rug can mean having it for years and years, as well as even passing it down to family. Our rug specialists will ensure you that your rug is in good hands! It will be quickly repaired and returned to you so you can continue to enjoy it for years to come. Persia Oriental Rug uses the proper threads and techniques to make your rug look as good as new when you bring it in for a repair.

A Persian Rug is a beautiful addition to any home, make sure it will last a lifetime.

Call us today for any additional information. Michael, the owner of Persian Rugs, would love to hear from you!