Common Oriental Rug Myths Explained

Common Oriental Rug Myths Explained

Many homeowners who are not familiar with Oriental rugs might have many questions or myths about them. So, today, we are going to explain some of the myths that are about Oriental rugs.

Oriental rugs are only different in design

Oriental rugs are actually different from all others in that pile is tied to their foundations. They are also known as hand-knotted rugs and explained why they often last for 50-80 years with good care. It is also why they are a little bit pricier than cheaper products like carpets.

The best rugs are made in Iran

It might be true Oriental rugs originally started in the lands of the former Persian Empire and Iran for years was most highly regarded. However, other countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, China, and India have caught up to Iran in the use of natural dyes and inserted its own influence on the designs of the rugs.

Natural dyes are better than synthetic dyes

Manufacturers of Oriental rugs have been using natural dyes for thousands of years until the 1940s. Since then, synthetic dyes have replaced natural dyes as the primary component to be used. However, natural dyes have been making a come back and in fact, both are excellent. It is only a matter of preference and money that separates people from choosing natural dyes or synthetic dyes. Rugs with natural dyes cost about 30% more than those with synthetic dyes.

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