Difference Between Rug Constructions

Difference Between Rug Constructions

When it comes to rugs, they are most commonly categorized by their style, country or origin, and the method used to construct the rug. Today we will be talking about the latter. The construction of a rug is important because depending on how it was made, it will have a different purpose, and have a specific texture, quality and level of durability. Additionally, different construction methods can take more or less time and skill which cause them to fall under different price points.

Handmade Persian Rugs

Handmade rugs are known for their intricate designs and quality construction. When people mention handmade Persian rugs, they are usually referring to the hand knotted technique. These variations are also notable because they are completely unique and different from one another, and other styles of construction. One of the main reasons people buy them is because they know they will have something in their home that nobody else has. While they are durable they are better for low traffic areas where people aren’t always walking over- these are certainly meant to be admired and serve more as a decor item than a functional rug, once you invest in one we are sure you’ll agree they are best admired from a distance.

Machine Made Persian Rugs

Machine made rugs are a bit different from hand made because they use over stitch construction. When these rugs are flipped over you can easily see the over stitch pattern. These are certainly more affordable than handmade rugs, but can definitely be found in equal quality and durability. Because they are a bit easier to construct, you can often find a wide variety of styles and colors available quite easily, which is a great advantage. They are a little easier to clean and work well in a variety of rooms and spaces.

Tufted Rugs

Tufted rugs are constructed in a unique way and from a quality point of view can act as a middle ground between handmade and machine made rugs. This is particularly true because they can be either hand tufted or machine tufted. These rugs are constructed without knots, but instead they use a consistent backing material throughout the rug. Once this material is cut to the correct size, loops of yarn are pulled through either by hand, tool, or machine. The loops are then cut on the top to create a smooth and even pile on top. 

Hooked Rugs

Much life tufted rugs, yarn loops are pulled through the backing material either with a machine or by hand with a hooking needle. The difference is that the loops are not sheared off after the fact but left intact. This creates a unique embroidered style look.

Flat Woven Persian Rugs

Unlike tufted or hooked rugs, these flat woven rugs are woven on a loom either by hand or using a machine. This process builds up the rug from top to bottom rather than back to front. This variety is usually completely reversible from back to front because there’s no backing material. They are considered very high quality, even when woven by a machine. They are durable and can be used in many different parts of the home.