Does the Viral Ice Trick Work to Unroll Rug Corners?

Does the Viral Ice Trick Work to Unroll Rug Corners?

Rug corners that constantly curl up can be frustrating, dangerous, and unsightly. They can cause tripping hazards and make a room look messy. Luckily, there are many ways that this can be fixed, such as attaching a rug pad, using double-sided tape, or sewing velcro onto the corners of the rug. However, one viral hack that has gained popularity is using cups of ice to flatten rug corners.

glass of ice melting on rug corner to flatten and secure curling up folding corners

Social media users are sharing videos of this trick and how it helped without any additional tools. In this blog, we will discuss the idea behind how it works, if it gives long-term results, and if it is actually effective. To learn more about how to secure the corners of your rug, contact Persia Oriental Rug Gallery for expert advice and rug pad sales.

What is the Viral Cup-of-Ice Trick for Flattening Rug Corners?

One of the latest viral hacks to fix the problem of curling rug corners is placing cups filled with ice on top of them. The idea behind this trick is that as the ice melts, it will create moisture and weight that will flatten out the corners of the rug. This method has gained popularity due to its simplicity and lack of additional materials needed. The videos show users leaving the cups on for a few hours or overnight before removing them to reveal flat corners.

How to Try the Ice Trick on Your Rug

To attempt this viral trick, you will only need a few items:

  • Four small cups or containers (depending on the size of your rug corners)
  • Ice cubes
  • Cloth or towel to absorb any moisture

First, fill each cup with ice cubes and place them on the corners of the rug. Let the ice sit for a few hours or overnight, then carefully remove the cups. As you remove the cups, use a cloth or towel to wipe up any moisture that may have been left behind. If you notice that the corners are still not completely flat, you can repeat the process until you achieve the desired results.

Does Putting a Cup of Ice Provide a Permanent Solution?

persian rug corners folding up when laying flat onto the ground

While the cup-of-ice trick may provide temporary results, it is not a permanent solution for unrolling rug corners. Although the melting ice may create enough moisture and weight to flatten the corners, as soon as the ice melts, the corners will begin to curl up again. Additionally, this method only works on certain types of rugs and may not be effective on thicker or heavier ones.

Can Condensation from a Cold Glass Damage Persian Rugs?

Over-exposure to water or moisture can potentially damage Persian rugs by causing mold or mildew growth. However, the amount of moisture produced by a cup of ice is minimal and should not cause any permanent harm to the rug. To avoid any risk, use a cloth or towel to remove any excess moisture left behind by the glass.

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