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Hudson, MA is about a 20-minute drive from Persia Oriental Rugs’ location at Shrewsbury, MA. The area of Hudson was known as Feltonville until the late 19th century when Charles Hudson, a man donated $500 to build a library in the town and the town was named Hudson ever since.

Hudson today is home to Lake Boon and the Fort Meadow Reservoir. It shares borders with Bolton, Stow, Marlborough, Sudbury, and Berlin. It is a bedroom community for nearby Worcester and Boston.

If you live in Hudson, MA and are looking for an Oriental rug to add the exotic culture to your home, visit our showroom in Shrewsbury. We can help you purchase an authentic rug that is right for your home. We offer handmade, machine-made, tufted, and antique rugs from Iran (Persia), Afghanistan, Pakistan, China, Turkey, and more. If you have a damaged or dirty rug, contact us to have it repaired or deep cleaned.


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