How to Decorate Your Home Around an Oriental Rug

How to Decorate Your Home Around an Oriental Rug

If you are lucky enough to have a Persian oriental rug, you may not be sure how to incorporate it into your home’s design scheme.

Here are some helpful tips for designing your space so that your rug will stay in your family for years to come.

  1. Keep decorations in the same color family.  If you use designs and colors of the same hue, this will wrap the entire room into a visually pleasing package.
  2. Embrace the mismatched patterns. Try to avoid leaving your space looking too matchy, because then it will appear too forced. In the same regard, be sure to avoid looking TOO mismatched, because then the room will appear chaotic.
  3. Calm the area with some neutrals. If you add some white or beige, this will help the area not to become overwhelmed with the oriental pattern.
  4. Keep the other furniture in the same color pattern. If you do this, your rug will be the main attraction in your home.
  5. Combine classic patterns with the oriental patterns.
  6. Pull colors from the rug into the furniture in solids. If your rug is red and brown, choose red and brown pieces of furniture to accent the area.

Once you finish decorating your space, your rug is ready to become a timeless piece of your home!

If you need help in the future cleaning or repairing your rug, Persia Oriental Rugs is here for you. Call us today for a quote, or more information!