How to Give Your Oriental Rug a Quick Clean

How to Give Your Oriental Rug a Quick Clean

Cleaning your oriental rug should always be a part of your routine cleaning schedule when cleaning the rest of your home. Cleaning your rug will reduce the number of times you need to deep clean it throughout the year. As a professional oriental rug cleaning company in the Worcester area, we’ve seen a lot of rugs that haven’t been cleaned in years and it ends up costing the owner more money.

Our goal is to help you understand how to give your oriental rug a quick clean, because doing so can help preserve the look of your rug and therefore it’s value.

3 Steps to Quick Cleaning Your Oriental Rug

  1. Sweeping. Using a broom with soft bristles, start from one end of your rug and work your way to the opposite end ensuring that you continue to sweep particles and dust in one direction. This should be the first step to quick cleaning your rug because it removes all of the surface dirt and dust. Repeat this step if you still see larger particles, just be sure not to apply too much pressure on the groom as this could fray the pile.
  2. Vacuuming. After you’ve taken a few passes using your broom, it’s time to get out the vacuum. We highly recommend a vacuum on which you can set the pile setting. Set it to the longest/highest pile setting as this ensures that the vacuum’s own bristles don’t damage the rug. Make sure your rug is perfectly flat and all creases or folds are flattened so they don’t get sucked up into the vacuum. If need be, use a heavy object at each corner to hold the rug down. Be sure to avoid the edges — or fringes — of your rug as these can also get sucked up into the vacuum and cause extensive damage. Once you’ve vacuumed the front side, flip it over and vacuum the back.
  3. Spot Cleaning. Once you have performed steps one and two, it’s time to assess your oriental rug for any stains or general wear and tear. If you notice a small stain (the size of a quarter dollar or so), then you can take steps to try and remove this with general household cleaning products. First try using cold water and a damp rag to try and lift the stain up from the pile of the carpet. If this doesn’t work, using distilled white vinegar or mild dish soap will help to remove the stain.

If you notice that your rug is showing signs of wear and tear or you’ve found a large stain, it’s important to always contact a professional oriental rug cleaning company such as Persia Oriental Rug. We provide professional rug cleaning for those in Shrewsbury and surrounding areas. Contact us online to learn more about our cleaning service.