How to Properly Store Your Oriental Rug

Although oriental rugs are meant to be showcased in your home, sometimes you may need to store it away for an extended period of time. Perhaps you’re moving or maybe a family member passed theirs on to your family and you don’t current have room for it. Whatever the case may be, it’s important that your take the necessary precautions to preserve the beauty of the rug before storing it away.

Steps to Storing an Oriental Rug the Right Way

  1. Wash The Rug. Fist things first, make sure to contact a professional oriental rug cleaning company such as Persia Oriental Rug and have the rug properly and thoroughly cleaned. Our cleaning personnel ensure that every inch of the rug is properly cleaned using cleaning chemicals and tools that are gentle yet effective. We recommend that you never try to give your oriental rug a deep clean.
  2. Dry The Rug. After washing the rug, it needs to completely dry before storing away for long periods of time. If the rug isn’t dry, there is a chance that mold damage can occur. Either hanging the rug along a banister or laying it flat and using floor fans to speed up the process, just be sure that both sides are dry.
  3. Wrap The Rug. Roll your oriental rug long-ways in paper wrapping material. Paper wrapping material is chemical and ink free so it won’t damage the rug when it’s stored over long periods of time. Avoid plastic wrapping at all costs because is traps condensation which then leads to mold problems. Once you’ve wrapped the rug twice over in paper, use masking tape to secure it in place.
  4. Choose The Environment. The place in which you store your rug is key. We always recommend purchasing a climate-controlled storage unit. Avoid unfinished basements and attics at all costs as these areas are prone to moisture and severe temperature fluctuations. One of the best places to store your oriental rug is under a bed (just be sure the bed is far enough off the ground to fit the rug underneath).
  5. Avoid Chemical Treatment. Some oriental rug owners recommend treating the rug with insecticide or using moth balls to prevent insect damage. Our oriental rug professionals advise against this as these chemicals have acidic compounds that may end up irreversibly damaging the pile. The smell can also be difficult to remove. Instead, our mothproofing technique uses Zinc Silver-Flouride.

If you’re worried about properly storing your oriental rug on your own, contact our rug repair, rug cleaning and Persia rug retail company today by filling out our quick online form or giving us a call at 508-753-4667