How to Protect Your Oriental Rug

How to Protect Your Oriental Rug

The beauty of the handmade oriental rug can drastically change the ambiance of a drab room. If cared for properly your oriental rug can last generations making it a great investment for your home. Protect your investment by following these basic precautions when owning an antique rug.

Professionally wash your rug: Wash your oriental rug by hand so the beautiful, intricate work of art is preserved. Washing oriental rugs by hand has been a tradition for thousands of years and is the best protection from accumulated dust, lint, dirt, and sand.  In home surface cleaning will not remove the particles from the foundation of the rug so it is best to wash them professionally.

Rotate your Rug: To avoid continually walking over the same spot on your rug, so it’s best to rotate your rug occasionally. Also look out for sun fade on your oriental rug which to some extent can be mitigated by rotating your rug.

Vacuum Frequently: Soil and dust particles on your antique rug act like tiny razor blades cutting the fibers of your rug when walked on. Vacuum often except the fringes to avoid damages to them.

No Plants: Make sure not to place any potted plants on your oriental rug so no moisture will get on the rug. This is so the moisture from the plants doesn’t rot the rug. Oriental rug repairs are expensive, so value your rug and never place potted plants on your rug!

Oriental rugs are extremely durable, however to make your investment last, these basic maintenance of proper rug care will help! Protect your rugs by washing your oriental rugs professionally, rotating your rugs, frequent vacuuming, and keep them out of harm’s way from sunlight, plants, and young animals. Call professionals like Persia Oriental Rug at 508-753-4667 or use our contact form to get reliable oriental rug cleans and repairs at affordable prices!


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