How to Remove Mold from Carpets & Rugs

How to Remove Mold from Carpets & Rugs

Safely, Effectively, & Permanently Removing Mold from Carpets & Rugs

It’s crucial to act fast when dealing with mold in your home to avoid negative health effects. Scrubbing hard surfaces like concrete and metal with a cleaning solution can effectively remove mold. However, removing mold from carpets or rugs is not as straightforward. In this blog, we will discuss some of the best methods and tools for efficient mold removal from carpets and rugs of all sizes.

Importance of Proper Cleaning Techniques & Products for Carpet Mold Removal

According to researchers, mold and mold spores can be as tiny as three microns. That means it can easily slip into even the tiniest cracks, including those on soft surfaces like carpets or wood. Simply scrubbing won’t do the trick, so you’ll need to use specialized cleaning techniques to remove mold from your carpet.

Ways to Get Mold Out of Carpet

Here is a step-by-step guide to getting mold out of your carpet effectively and efficiently: 

Make Sure the Space is Well Ventilated

Isolate the space appropriately and ventilate it. The objective is to maintain the area well-ventilated while preventing the spread of mold spores to other rooms in the house. Use fans to blast air out of a cracked window or door that goes outdoors and close any doors that need to be closed or blocked off with plastic sheeting. Particularly when utilizing cleaning chemicals, maintaining a well-ventilated room is more crucial than maintaining isolation.

Opt for a Stiff Brush Over a Softer Style

Use a hard brush to get rid of as much apparent mold as possible. Sweep the mold into a bag, then throw it away. You can use a HEPA-filtered vacuum for this, but there is a danger that the next time you use it, mold spores will grow in or on the vacuum and propagate to the rest of your home. A non-HEPA vacuum might not effectively contain mold spores.

Scrub with a Designated Mold Removal Cleaner

Use a cleanser to scrub the afflicted area thoroughly. Bleach is neither essential nor advised. Mycotoxins are chemicals produced by some forms of mold. This issue will also be resolved by eliminating mold and mold spores.

Allow the Carpet to Completely Dry After Cleaning

Allowing your carpet to completely dry after cleaning is a crucial step in mold removal. If there are any remaining water droplets, mold will have a new home to grow and respread across your carpet. To prevent this from happening, let your rug completely air-dry. To speed up the process, you may want to place it in a Sunny, warm area or run a hair dryer over small sections.

Follow Mold Removal with Vacuuming to Remove Lingering Spores

After your carpet has been able to completely dry and there is no longer any visible mold, run a vacuum across the entire space to remove any lingering spores. This will ensure that all traces of mold are removed without any chance of returning.

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