How to Securely Pack & Ship Persian & Oriental Rugs for Safe Arrival

How to Securely Pack & Ship Persian & Oriental Rugs for Safe Arrival

Wrapping & Shipping Persian Rugs for Safe Arrival: Step-By-Step Guide

Persian and Oriental rugs are not only beautiful pieces to add to your home, but also make great gifts or heirlooms for future generations. If you plan on passing down your Persian rug, or sending it to a loved one, it’s important to make sure the wrap and shipping process is done correctly. Due to their delicate nature, Persian rugs can be easily damaged if they are not handled with care. In this blog, we will discuss the best process for packing and shipping a Persian rug so that it arrives in pristine condition.

Importance of Proper Wrapping When Sending Persian & Oriental Rugs

Wrapping a Persian rug is the first and most important step to ensure its safe arrival. Because so many rugs are made by hand or complex machinery, they require extra protection to keep their fibers intact. Most rugs are made of wool, silk or cotton, so they must be wrapped in a protective material that will protect them from any potential abrasions or damages.

How the Season & Time of Year Affects Persian & Oriental Rug Shipping

When shipping a Persian rug, the season and time of year play an important role in its safe arrival. During winter months, the temperatures can drop to frigid levels. This can cause damage to the rug if it’s not wrapped with winter-resistant materials or stored in a temperature-controlled environment. On the other hand, in the humid Summer months, rugs are prone to mold growth if the shipping isn’t properly sealed.

How to Properly Wrap Persian & Oriental Rugs for Shipment

When wrapping a Persian rug for shipment, there are a few key steps to follow:

Securely Wrap the Rug in Plastic

Before you begin, make sure you have a large roll of plastic wrap and tape. Place the rug on a flat surface, then tightly wrap it in plastic. Make sure the wrap is secured with tape on all sides for maximum protection from dirt and moisture. When choosing the type of wrap you will use, make sure that it is thick enough to protect the rug from potential abrasions.

Roll & Secure with Tape

Once the plastic wrap is securely in place, begin to roll up the rug with care. Take your time and make sure that the roll is even to ensure that no fibers are lost or damaged. Once it’s rolled up, secure it with tape at both ends to make sure it stays together during transport.

Place in Shipping Box Fit to Your Rug Size

Once your rug is tightly rolled up and secure, place it in a shipping box that fits the dimensions of your rug. To measure the box size, simply measure the length of your rolled-up rug and add a few inches to each side to allow for some extra cushion.

Fill Any Empty Space With Bubble Wrap or Packing Peanuts

Once the rug is in the box, fill any remaining space with bubble wrap or packing peanuts. This helps keep the rug in place and adds some extra cushion against any bumps or jostles that may occur during transit.

Seal & Label Your Package

Once the box is filled and ready to ship, make sure to secure the lid with tape and label it properly. Be sure to include the destination address and any relevant instructions or details the shipping company may need to know.

Where to Ship Persian & Oriental Rugs

Once your package is ready to ship, you can bring it to a local shipping office or schedule a pickup from a shipping company. It’s important to do your research and find a dependable carrier that specializes in handling delicate items. Some things you may want to consider when picking a carrier are their rates, reviews, and insurance policies. Some of the most recommended carriers to consider for shipping a Persian rug are:

Cost of Shipping Persian & Oriental Rugs

Depending on the size, weight, and destination of your package, the cost for shipping a Persian rug can vary. Generally speaking, the most economical way to ship a rug is through standard ground services. However, if you need your package to arrive faster, overnight shipping is also available. To get an exact cost for shipping a Persian rug, it’s best to do a price comparison between carriers and services.

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