How to Spot a Genuine Persian Rug

How to Spot a Genuine Persian Rug

A truly authentic Persian rug is not something you see every day. These pieces are treasured and coveted all around the world, and those who love and enjoy these pieces know how special they are. However, while authentic Persian rugs are each one of a kind and handmade, there are plenty of other rugs and carpets out there that you might mistake for a genuine Persian rug if you aren’t careful.

These rugs are not necessarily “fake” or “imitation” but rather they are just Persian look-alike rugs. They attempt to honor the same style of a Persian rug at a lower price point and also lesser quality. While there’s nothing wrong with these machine made rugs, for lovers of genuine Persian rugs, or anyone who is looking for the top quality possible- they simply will not do.


If a rug is hand-knotted, it does make it much more difficult to tell whether or not it’s a true Persian without seeing it in person. That being said, it is quite rare to see a hand-knotted rug that isn’t authentic, but you should still be careful a

One of a Kind Design

Another clear hint to tell if a rug is genuine or not? Check if there are multiple copies or quantities available. Because authentic Persian rugs are each one of a kind with a unique style or design, anyone claiming to be selling multiple quantities of the same rug is clearly selling something machine made and non-authentic.

Check for a Soft Backing

If you do have the opportunity to inspect a rug in person, one of the clearest ways to tell whether or not it’s a real Persian rug is to check the underside. By doing so you can see whether the rug is hand knotted, but you can also see if there’s a soft backing. In most cases, a machine made rug will use synthetic materials to keep all the pile together. This isn’t the case for genuine Persian rugs, which are hand knotted and don’t rely on tufting or pile or backings, because of the hand knotting. If you look closely, you might even be able to see some tiny imperfections that can indicate a rug has been hand knotted.

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