Maintaining Your Oriental Rug

Maintaining Your Oriental Rug

Taking care of your Oriental rug is a very important part of owning one. Here are some tips to make sure your rug has a long life in your home!

Regularly Rotate Your Rug

Many people say to rotate your rugs every year or two years, but if you have an Oriental rug in a room with a lot of foot traffic, you should be doing it more frequently. By rotating it more of, wear and tear will be more even. This will have your rug looking more uniform as it gets older. 

Block The Rug From Constant Sunlight

When your rug sits in sunlight for long periods of time, it can cause the rug’s coloring to fade faster than usual. To stop this threat of fading, should avoid have keeping it in front of any large windows or bright rooms. If your home is full of natural light, try to make sure you rotate your rug as much as you can so if it fades, it fades evenly.

Flip the rug

Many Oriental rugs have fringe that can become tangled and get twisted easier than you think. You should flip over the rug to the other end to allow the fringe to straighten out naturally.

Vacuum Your Rug

All rugs need vacuuming from time to time, but you must vacuum your Oriental rug regularly to stop the natural fibers from being pushed down by people walking on it. Turn the beater bar off when cleaning your Oriental rug to avoid ripping or tearing it. Your rug will look its best after a good vacuuming.

Spot clean

Stains can quickly emerge if you don’t instantly spot clean once a spill happens. It would help if you started with dabbing the stain with a rag or a cloth to pick up all that extra liquid before it dries. Do not use soap or any other standard cleaning products to clean your Oriental rug, because this can cause the fibers to become damaged. Try to only use water to remove stains. If you start to use cleaners and soaps, the coloring on the rug may become faded or damage the materials. Make sure you contact the professionals at Persia Oriental Rug for rug cleaning help!

Air Out The Rug

Your Oriental rug can build up moisture that can cause the growth of mold, mildew, and other bacteria. To stop buildup and avoid any smells, hang your Oriental rug outside to dry for a few hours anytime it gets wet. 

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