Oriental Rug Maintenance Tips

Oriental Rug Maintenance Tips

If you’ve ever purchased an Oriental rug, then you now the effect that it can have on a room. Just like any picture, object, or table set, it adds value and can give a room a comforting feel. The one difference? Rugs get stepped on, spilled on, and forgotten about… If not taken care of properly, your Oriental rug can go from looking like a masterpiece to a splatter painting that you purchased at the dollar store. Consider the follow tips to get the most out of your Oriental rug:

Rotate Your Rug

Rotating your rug, especially in high traffic areas, will allow it to wear evenly over time. Some experts claim the best thing to is rotate it every 1 to 2 years but doing so every 1-2 months will make that distribution more even and help it maintain its unique appearance and value.


All rugs need to be vacuumed and maintained, but extra precautionary measures should be taken with Oriental rugs. Regular vacuuming will prevent the natural fibers from becoming packed down in some what of a matted form. If your vacuum has a beater bar, it would be in your best interest to turn it off to prevent it from tearing up the fibers.

Blocking Sunlight

Its only matter of time before your rug starts to fade, as most do, but by blocking sunlight to the best of your ability, you can prevent premature fading. If it is impossible to do so, it would be wise to rotate your rug more often than normal so that it gets an even fade across all areas.

Spot Cleaning, Not Rubbing

Stains on your Oriental rug can be detrimental if not handled quickly and effectively. It is important to spot clean as soon as a stain has occurred. Some things to keep in mind are to try and avoid the use of soap, bleach, or other household cleaning products that can potentially damage the fibers. The best course of action is to dab with a dry cloth to try and soak up all the excess liquid, then use a wet cloth to try and remove the stain. If it is not removed to your liking, consulting an Oriental rug cleaning professional should be the next course of action to ensure that no further, self-made damage is done.

Sponge Wipe Down

Many people like to beat rugs to try and get all the dirt and dust off it, but a simple, safer solution is to take sponge (or wet cloth) and wipe your rug down. This will remove most, if not all the surface dust and leave your rug looking cleaner and appealing.

Utilization of Padding

Using padding under your rug has more benefits than just making it comfier to walk one. It also helps stabilize the rug and protect its shape from any deformation. If you are worried about it wrinkling, padding can also help reduce the effects of that over time as well.

Rearranging your furniture

Have you ever moved a table or couch that was on a rug for a long period of time and noticed that it left unappealing marks? It is important to keep track of how long your table, couch, chair, etc. has been left untouched on your rug so that the feet of those objects don’t damage and ruin the fibers. Rearranging your furniture can be tedious but will certainly increase the lifespan of your rug if moved every six months or so.

If you are worried about not wanting to rearrange an entire room, simply moving things an inch or two can make a big difference as they will now be placed on a different, less used section of your rug.

Air Cleaning

Air drying your rug can prevent it from building up moisture over time and possibly forming mold or mildew. Simply hang your rug outside for a few hours every 6-7 months to avoid this problem and keep your rug looking and smelling fresh.

Professional Cleaning

It is highly recommended that you get your Oriental rug professionally cleaned. Experts say you should get it cleaned every 3-5 years to prevent dirt from building up deep within the fibers. This is one of the best ways to keep your rug looking good as new and can increase the longevity, comfort, and quality.

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