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Boston Massachusetts is full of offices, homes, and of course apartment buildings. One thing that makes Boston unique in terms of style when compared to other American cities is how it blends modern and historic aesthetic designs. For example the brownstone-lined streets of backbay or the beacon hill area. One way to really tie a room together where it is for an apartment, a home, or an office building is to use traditional hand-crafted Persian rugs. Persian rugs provide a unique aesthetic charm built on centuries of craftsmanship. Their unique designs add a sense of decorum to any room. If you are interested in purchasing a rug or need your rug cleaned, please contact us.

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Persian Rug Cleaning Services Near Boston Massachusetts

At just under an hour from Shrewsbury, Persia Oriental Rugs is here to provide you with a personalized, expert service. We aim to provide you with the best quality oriental rugs, and we want to see your rug last a lifetime. Not only will we sell you a beautiful rug to bring extra culture to your home in Boston MA, but also we will discuss maintenance, and are here to help you keep your new investment clean.

We offer rug cleaning services to residents and business owners in Boston, MA and will have your rug looking good as new! We have work with dozens of different shapes, sizes, and materials so no matter what kind of rug you have, we have tools to make it look good as new. We also offer rug inspections and thoroughly vet each rug to make sure that are performing the best cleaning solution possible for your rug.

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How To Choose The Perfect Persian Rug For Your Boston Property

From businesses to apartments buildings to homes, many different people have interests in Persian rugs for their properties. For example, law offices, insurance brokerages, and retail stores will often use handcrafted Persian rugs to add a warm and professional aesthetic to the property. Persian rugs go well with dark wooden features and can make a space feel historic, established, and enduring. However, Persian rugs are also a great complement to a more modern design. Many apartments, townhouses, and homes like to use Persian rugs to accent a mix of tastes and aesthetic choices. A Persian rug can show an attention to detail and decor and highlight an area of a room. For example some people build their sitting area around a Persian rug or even place pianos or other centerpieces of a room there. 

To choose the perfect rug for your home, apartment, or other property, you have a few options. First and foremost, consider the colors and designs. Choose complementary colors. Additionally, consider going to a showroom, like the one we have in Shrewsbury to browse through rugs and consider how different styles might provide different aesthetics to your space. 

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If you are interested in seeing different rugs, getting recommendations on the perfect rug for your property, or you have other questions about Persian and Oriental rugs, please contact us or come visit our showroom in Shrewsbury.

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If you live in Boston, MA and are looking for oriental rugs or rug cleaning services give us a call today for more information or fill out a contact form. We looking forward to doing business with you.