Oriental Rugs in Sherborn MA

Sherborn, MA is a small town in Middlesex County and is only a quick drive from our office and showroom. Due to Sherborn’s proximity to Persia Oriental Rugs, the 5,000 residents of Sherborn have been utilizing Persia Oriental Rugs for all of their carpet and rug inventory and services since we opened our doors!

Oriental Rug Services in Sherborn, MA

We supply some of the best oriental rugs on the market to clients all over Sherborn MA. Our products,  prices, service, and level of customer service are matched by no other company in the industry and we take pride int hat. Our cleaning and repair service a quick turn around rate and we provide estimates. If we run into unforeseen cleaning issues or our timeline was wrong, an immediate phone call will take place to our customers.

Below you will find some of the different rugs we sell and repair!

Rug Pads in Sherborn MA

Rug pads keep both your rug and floor safe from everyday wear and tear. At Persia Oriental Rug, we always recommend purchasing a rug pad when you get an oriental rug. Definitely consider a rug pad in a room where you spend a lot of time or have heavier furniture pieces. The professionals at Persia Oriental Rug can make sure your rug is well taken care of!

Rug Cleaning and Repairs Sherborn MA

Sending your oriental rug off for a cleaning or repair can be nerve-wracking. You can trust Persia Oriental Rug with taking excellent care of yours. We want you to be completely satisfied with how your oriental rug cleaning turns out. Keeping these types of rugs in shape will have them last for years and years. Our specialty is oriental rugs, so when you want a rug repair done, we will ensure it looks good as new!

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Our experience, customer service, and top notch products and services is what sets us apart from our competitors! For more information about our rug services and products, please give Michael a call at 508-753-4667.