Oriental Rugs in Weston MA

Oriental Rugs in Weston, MA

Weston MA is a town in Middlesex County, and is part of the Greater Boston area; here at Persia Oriental Rug, we have had many customers and visitors checkout our oriental rugs from Weston MA.

Michael Sadigh, owner and founder of Persia Oriental Rug, has been in the rug industry since he graduated from Northeastern University in the 1980s. Our experience, rugs, prices and customer service, is unmatched by our competitors; that is why we are Massachusetts first choice oriental rug store!

We always strive to go above and beyond our customers’ expectations; we know that in order to continue to achieve this goal, we need to consistently provide the best rugs on the market, for low prices, and to always put the customer’s needs first!

We encourage all of our customers to come to our showroom in Shrewsbury MA, to checkout some of the latest products we have in stock! Our oriental rugs are of the highest quality, and the unique designs will fit the look of everyone’s home! We have been selling and providing oriental rugs to customers for over 30 years. Here are some of our services:

Rug Pads in Weston, MA

When placing your oriental rug on a hardwood floor, it’s important to have a rug pad underneath to protect your floors. Luckily, Persia Oriental Rug can provide you a rug pad when you purchase a rug from us! If you need one for a previous rug, we have them for you, too. Take care of your floors while showing off your beautiful rug. You’ll realize how worth it a rug pad is when you go to move your oriental rug in the future!

Rug Repairs in Weston, MA

After years of use, your oriental rug will eventually need repairs. Luckily, Persia Oriental Rug is here to help. We specialize in:

  • Reweaving
  • Resizing
  • New fringe
  • Overcasting
  • Hand binding
  • Fixing holes
  • Hand edging
  • Block treatment
  • Moth treatment
  • Deodorizing

We want to be able to give your rug a longer life!

Rug Cleaning in Weston, MA

You may think stains and other spots on your oriental rug may never come out, but the professionals at Persia Oriental Rug can clean yours! We use techniques that will leave your rug looking brand new. We assess each rug individually before starting the cleaning process, photographing the before state of the rug. Our custom wash system is adjusted based on the thickness of your rug to ensure that it is properly cleansed. Our goal is to return your rug in the best shape possible!

Contact Us for Rug Services in Weston, MA

For more information about our oriental rug products and services, please give Michael a call at 508-753-4667.