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Persia Oriental Rug Gallery in Leicester, MA

Leicester, MA is a town in Worcester County with a population of more than 10,000 people. Many famous people come from Leicester, such as Eli Whitney, the man who invented cotton gin and devised idea of interchangeable parts. Ebenezer Adams, the first mathematics and natural philosophy professor at the Philips Exeter Academy went to school in Leicester. Like Leicester, oriental rugs have a rich history behind its state of art weaving techniques.

Oriental Rugs in Leicester, MA

The tradition of carpet weaving using wool, silk, and cotton started in the Iranian province of Fars and have spread to other countries in the Middle East. At Persia Oriental Rug, we have rugs that are produced in India, Iran, Pakistan, USA, and more. Our showroom is in nearby Shrewsbury, making it convenient for residents of Leicester to come and see our beautiful pieces. We have both handmade and machine rugs displayed in our showroom.

Here are the categories of rugs for that we have for sale:

Rug Pads in Leicester, MA

We recommend our customers to purchase a rug pad when they get a new oriental rug. Rug pads are great for when you have a rug on hardwood flooring, as it keeps the dyes from ruining your floor and bleeding through. Persia Oriental Rug Gallery is proud to sell rug pads to keep your rug in good shape and looking like new. They are a great addition to a room where there is heavy furniture pieces or a lot of walking around.

Rug Cleaning in Leicester, MA

Having somewhere trustworthy to go to have your oriental rug cleaned and repaired is an important part of owning such a special piece of decor. Keeping your oriental rug in shape will prolong its life and have it looking like new! Our professional team of rug experts will clean and repair your rug with great care. With over 30 years of experience, leaving your rug in our hands will give you lasting results!

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The professionals at Persia Oriental Rug can assist you in picking the right rug for your home and style. Add a unique look to your space by purchasing a timeless piece that can add a sense of boldness and class. Contact us by calling or filling out our contact form to get in touch!