Reasons Why You Should Own an Oriental Rug

Reasons Why You Should Own an Oriental Rug

There are many differences between purchasing an oriental rug and a domestic rug in the US. One can see that an oriental rug has craftsmanship and elegance with unique hand-knotted characteristics. Here are some of the top reasons as to why you should upgrade your mundane rug for an oriental rug and make any room in your home stand out!

1) Lasting: Oriental rugs are very long lasting due to the high quality material used to make these types of rugs. The value of an oriental rug is a long term investment since it can accumulate value over time with its durability and timeless style.

2) Style and Intricate Designs: One of the benefits of owning an oriental rug is its style. Each one is uniquely hand woven and never go out of style so it doesn’t need to be changed or moved often. Unlike domestic rugs, oriental rugs have intricate patterns and vibrant colors that doesn’t fade and also helps complete the overall décor of your room.

3) Material: The material used on Oriental rugs are usually wool while more expensive oriental rugs are made from a wool and silk blend which can only increase its value over time due to their durability and originality. This is a stark difference between machine-made domestic rugs that are made with harder, synthetic materials.

4) Eco-Friendly: Oriental rugs can be made from all natural material with all natural dyes. By using natural materials, oriental rugs will not release any toxins over time and fewer allergens. Unlike oriental rugs, domestic rugs are highly flammable and can release VOCs, which are volatile organic compounds.

5) Symbol of Status: Many homeowners, designers, and decorators will appreciate the quality and uniqueness of oriental rugs. Owning an Oriental rug shows that you have put in the time and effort into creating your home. They are great conversation starters and an art investment that adds character to any room!

With these details said, how can you not want your very own Oriental rug! If you are still hesitant, check out our Persia Oriental Rug site for different styles & sizes of rugs that will fit well in your home or call us at 508-753-4667 to speak with one of our professional rug consultants today!