Remove Pet Stains from Your Oriental Rug

One of the problems to overcome sometimes when cleaning an oriental rug is getting rid of pet urine. Pet urine is one of the most damaging to oriental rugs since the components of a pet accident is strangely similar to that of a rug drying process. By mixing color, heat and liquid with wool, the wool will retain the color and absorb it over time. The combination of the high pH factor of pet urine and its dying capabilities will create corrosion and change the color of the wool. If not properly cleaned, the pet urine will be pungent in smell and your pet will eventually find their way back to that spot on the rug.

The best option in removing pet stains is to blot all the excess liquid with a towel then use cold water to wash it out a bit. Place a towel on top of the pet stain and place something heavy on top of the towel. After a few hours, the towel should have soaked all the remaining pet stain. After your oriental rug is dry, seek a professional rug cleaner like us at Persia Oriental Rug to have your rug looking new and stain-less again!Give us a call at 508-753-4667. We offer free pickup and delivery services to clients in the Worcester County area.