Rugs, Bugs & Moths

Rugs, Bugs & Moths

Hand-woven Oriental Rugs are designed to last for hundreds of years…when they are properly cared for. If rugs are not properly cleaned, maintained, and if they are in horrible conditions, moths and other insects will eat away at the fa

Oriental Rug Cleaning

brics of your rug, until there’s nothing left!

If you store your rug during certain seasons in a storage facility, you’re just asking for your rug to be ruined! Moths, beetles and other insects love dark, damp places, and will feed on your rug! If you can, try to avoid storing your rug in storage facilities.

Do you have pets? Do these pets urinate on your rug, constantly? Well, believe it or not, bugs love pet urine, and make a nice home in it where they can lay their eggs and have their children enjoy a nice meal once they hatch! As disgusting as this sounds, it’s very true, so you want to make sure you’re maintaining and cleaning your rug properly!

Typically, we recommend having your Oriental Rug cleaned every two years; but if your rug is in a rough environment, or if you have pets that urinate on the rug, we recommend having it done on a more regular basis.

If you do have pets that pee on your carpet, and you clean it up quickly, it can help lessen the damage and possibly prevent the outbreak of bugs. We also recommend spraying a fiber protector on your wool fibers to help you clean more effectively. Fiber protector doesn’t make your rug inevitable, but it does lessen the damage caused by urine and other spills.

Please call Persia Oriental Rug today and we will help get you started on a great Rug Care Routine that can help your rugs last this generation, next generation and perhaps the generation after that!

Our phone number is 508-753-4667, and we are located in Shrewsbury MA, at 370 Boston Turnpike. We provide free pickup and delivery services for all rugs we repair and clean! Purchasing an Oriental Rug is a big investment, make sure you maximize it by properly caring and maintaining your rug!