Rugs Tips for the Summer

Rugs Tips for the Summer

Summer is finally here and just like the season, your rooms are due for a seasonal transition to be lighter and brighter as well! Replace your winter rugs with some bright colored ones that will give your home that summery feel. Below are tips to follow to picking out the best summer rug for your home!

Cleanable: Be sure to get rugs that can be easily cleaned. This is because since it’s summer, people will be more active outside bringing in more foot traffic into your home. More foot traffic means more dirt brought in by pets, family members and friends, get a rug that is easy to clean so you can enjoy the rest of the summer without any worries.

Colors: For the summer, don’t be shy and go for light colors like green, yellow, red and even shades of orange which will add a nice summer accent to your home. If you want to give your home a more feminine touch go for rug colors like pink, purple, and lilac. Blue aquatic colors, nautical colors, and beach patterns and colors are in trend for rugs this summer if you want more of a neutral tone.

Rag rugs: Make a room really feel like summer by adding a rag rug. Accentuate that summer look with a rag rug which will add color, texture, and is portable. Rag rugs are light and easy to move around so it will look good anywhere in your home.

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