Selecting the Right Rug For Different Rooms

Selecting the Right Rug For Different Rooms

Most people buy rugs because due to their style and look but don’t take into account the size. In reality, the size of a rug can drastically change how it affects a room and picking the wrong size can have a negative impact. Follow the guide below to find out which sized rugs match best with different rooms.

Living Room

There are three common sizes that are taken into consideration when selecting a rug for your living room: 5×8, 8×10, and 9×12. The determining factor is how much of your furniture you want to rest on top of the rug. If you just want the rug to cover the area where the coffee table lies, then your best bet would be selecting the smaller 5×8 rug. If you are looking for some of the seating but not all to rest on top of the rug then the 8×10 option will suffice. If you are looking for all of your furniture to rest on top of the rug the 9×12 will do the trick. A rule of thumb with the 9×12 rug is to have at least 18 inches of exposed rug around the edges to make sure the area is not too cluttered.

Dining Room

The selection process for your dining room is much easier than your living room. The first and most important aspect is the dining room table. Regardless of how big your table is, you want all four legs of the table and chairs to be able to fit on the rug. An eight foot round rug will do the trick for a round table with 4-6 chairs and a 9×12 or 8×10, depending on the size of the table, will go well with a dining room table that fits 6-8 chairs.


Bedrooms are arranged in all sorts of ways. For this example, we are going to assume that you have the bed aligned in the middle of a wall. There are two common setups that most people use. The first is where you have the rug horizontally placed towards to end of the bed. A 5×8 will work nicely since it will give you space on either side of the bed but not take up too much room. The second is a 9×12 that is placed horizontally with the beginning of the bed where the pillows are and the rug up against the wall and another side of the rug coming out beyond the end of the bed. (how far will be determined by the size of your bed). Like the living room set up with the 9×12, this will make the room feel larger than it actually is.

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