Should I Buy a Rug if I have Small Children & Pets?

You shouldn’t let having small children or pets deter you from purchasing one of our oriental rugs; our high quality rugs are extremely durable and clean easily (or you can bring the rug to our showroom in Shrewsbury and we will clean it for you!).

High quality and well made rugs, like the ones you will find at Persia Oriental Rug, will be able to weather a lot of foot traffic, fur and messes left behind by children; they are also easier to clean, than lesser quality rugs.

If you’re putting a rug in a room that is used often and one that experiences a lot of foot traffic, you need a rug that will be able to withstand a lot of pressure. A poor quality rug will never be able to weather the wear and tear of small children and pets; having children and pets is a good way to determine whether or not you have a high quality rug!

We have a huge array off high quality oriental rugs, that have been proven to withstand the wear and tear of children and pets. Our showroom is located in Shrewsbury MA, and we will be more than happy to help you choose your oriental rug! For more information, please feel free to give us a call at 508-753-4667.