The Extensive Versatility of Decorating with a Persian Rug

The Extensive Versatility of Decorating with a Persian Rug

Persian and Oriental rugs are perfect design features that never go out of style. With their bright color palettes and symbolic motifs, Persian rugs are as much art as they are decor. Not only are these rugs available in a wide variety of sizes and colors, but they are also versatile in their ability to be used as decoration. No matter what room you decide to place them in, Persian rugs can match to fit the aesthetic and theme of the furnishings. Read on if you are looking to purchase a Persian rug for your home, but are not sure the best way to incorporate it into the style of your home.

Make a Grand Entrance

By placing your Persian or Oriental rug in your main entryway, you can create a lasting impression with your guests. If you choose to lay your rug near your doorway, it is important to note that any moisture or dirt must be avoided at all costs. These environmental agents can post a threat to your rug by creating permanent stains and fiber manipulation.

Upgrade Your Office Space

Even though you are in your own home, if you work remotely, your office can quickly become a stressful atmosphere. To brighten up the space and create a more positive working environment, try adding a Persian or Oriental rug to the room. Originally designed to protect its owner from misfortune and evil spirits, these rugs and the perfect addition to any workspace.

Turn Your Bedroom Into a Palace

When decorating your bedroom, you want to find items that invoke feelings or relaxation and comfort. With their intricate designs and hand-woven fabric, Persian and Oriental rugs can turn your bedroom into your own personal palace. With such a wide range of available colors and patterns, there is a Persian rug to match your unique style and individual space.

Add a Touch of Elegance to Your Living Room

Your living room is the hub of your home for entertaining guests and bonding with friends and family. To create a more welcoming and warm environment, you can purchase a Persian or Oriental rug. These rugs are a great idea to dramatically change the effect of the room without compromising on space or functionality.

Create a Woven Wall-Hanging

Unlike the traditional practice of laying a rug flat on the floor, it is becoming increasingly popular to turn decorative rugs into hanging pieces of wall art. For a creative twist, a unique design tip is to securely attach your Persian or Oriental rug to the wall of your choice. This idea allows you to put the rug’s vibrancy on full display while creating an extra texture element. Due to their heavy nature, it is important to make sure each rug is held securely in place to avoid any chance of falling or becoming damaged.

Purchase a Hand-Crafted Persian & Oriental Rug From Our Gallery in Shrewsbury, MA

Known for their bold colors and intricately-designed patterns, Persian and Oriental rugs are a staple feature that can add elegance and vibrance to your home. With so many options for placement, these rugs are incredibly versatile to best fit the decor needs you are looking for. If you are looking to purchase a Persian or Oriental rug for your home, come visit our extensive gallery in Shrewsbury, MA. Our experts carry over 30 years of experience in the professional sale, repair, and cleaning of Persian rugs. For a full list of our services, visit our website or call us today at (508) 753-4667.