The Meaning of Color in Persian and Oriental Rugs

Oriental rugs have always been known for their beautiful coloring and designs. Having an oriental rug can create a big statement in a room, or can be toned down and more of a neutral piece. Choosing the one with the right color scheme for you can be a big decision. 

Symbolism and Storytelling

Colors in an oriental rug are there to tell a story and set the mood for the room it’s put in. Choosing rug colors based on how we feel as a person is important to the design of the rug itself. You can change the atmosphere of the room, using colors to fit the ambiance you are looking for. 


The color red is considered to bring wealth, luck, beauty, joy, and courage. It is known as an emotionally-intense color. Red rugs can be used in any room where you want a big pop of color. 


The color orange is known for humility, devotion, and loyalty. It is also a symbol of strength and endurance. Orange oriental rugs can be placed in a space that you want to be productive in, such as a home office. 


The color yellow or gold represents happiness, sun, wealth, and power. Yellow was usually reserved for royalty and was assumed that the dye was harder to make in the early days of making rugs. Using a yellow oriental carpet in a living room or fun space can add a touch of happiness and cheerful energy. 


The color green represents paradise, hope, renewal, and the spring season. It was used on occasion in rugs as it depicted the Prophet Mohammed, meaning that green rugs should not be placed in a room with high foot traffic,


The color blue represents truth, the afterlife, and solitudeBlue is a prevalent color in rugs, both in modern and traditional settings. In the past few years, blue has become very popular in home interiors. It gives a calming vibe to the 


The color purple, although used less often in older rugs, represents wisdom, peace, introspection, spirituality, and associated with royalty.


The color brown represents fertility and Mother Earth. This is perhaps one of the most important colors to consider in our lives today. Brown is earthy and great color of choice to feel grounded in life. It gives us a sense of the earth below our feet. 


The color black represents death and destruction in Persian rugs. For this reason, black is not standard in traditional Persian rugs. In today’s world, black is woven into modern rugs with a positive meaning, such as “mystery” or “emptiness”.


The color white represents innocence, cleanliness, and purity. White is known as the most prominent color in traditional Persian Nain rugs.

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