The Ultimate Spot Removal Kit For Your Persian Rug

The Ultimate Spot Removal Kit For Your Persian Rug

It’s always a great feeling to have your Persian oriental rug professionally cleaned, especially during this time of year. However, if your rug isn’t in need of routine cleaning just yet, then it’s important to always have a spot removal kit on hand just in case an unexpected spill occurs. Our professional oriental rug cleaners are here to tell you about the secret spot removal kit that every homeowner with an oriental rug should have on hand.

What to Include in Your Rug Spot Removal Kit


Make sure you have a clean, white and absorbent cloth or rag on hand. A clean sponge also works well if you don’t have a cloth available. Don’t forget to pick up a spray bottle from which to dispense your cleaning solution.

Dry Cleaning Fluid

 Pick up a dry cleaning fluid that’s non-flammable from your local home store. If you can’t find one that’s non-flammable, then grease or oil remover from your local hardware store will work just fine.

Dry Ice

 A can of dry ice is our secret weapon when it comes to drying spills on oriental rugs. Be sure to thoroughly wash the spill and remove as much of the stain as possible before using the dry ice to absorb the rest of the liquid.

Nail Polish Remover

Although we know you would never paint your nails over an oriental rug (hint, hint), sometimes accidents happen — which is why you have this emergency spot removal kit on hand that includes oil-free nail polish remover.

Enzyme Detergent

This wonderful mixture is great for removing tough stains from your oriental rug. Simply mix one teaspoon of laundry detergent with 1/2 pint of water. Dispense through the spray bottle for accuracy and to ensure you aren’t drenching the rug.

White Vinegar

 A great natural cleaning solution to use on oriental rugs. Although the smell may not be pleasant at first (it does dissipate quickly though), vinegar neutralizes alkaline stains. Simply mix 1/3 cup of white vinegar with 2/3 cup of water and dispense through the spray bottle.

Ammonia Solution

Ammonia solutions should only be used sparingly and as a last-ditch effort to remove a small stain on your rug. Be sure to keep pets and young children away from the rug when you’re working with ammonia as it is harmful when it comes into contact with skin and eyes. Mix one tablespoon with 3/4 cup of water and apply on sticky, dark stains such as fruit juice.

Detergent Solution

 Non-enzyme detergent is also useful when spot cleaning your oriental rug. Grab a powdered detergent from your local store and mix one teaspoon of it with 1/2 pint of warm water. Stir until the powder is incorporated, then add it to the spray bottle.

Tips to Keep in Mind

Remember, this spot cleaning kit should only be used on stains that occur immediately as well as on stains that are quite small. Always test your cleaning solution on a small section (about the size of a half dollar or quarter) to see whether or not it will cause more harm than good. If you’re worried about damaging your oriental rug, then please call our Persian rug cleaning professionals so we can clean your rug for you! We understand that your rug was an investment, so let us make sure it looks good as new.