Tips for Keeping Carpet Clean in the Winter

Tips for Keeping Carpet Clean in the Winter

Winter is sure to bring wet weather, no matter if it’s rain, ice, sleet, or snow. Most people think about maintaining the exterior of their homes during colder months but fail to prepare for caring for the inside. While carpets take a beating all throughout the year, they are especially susceptible to staining during the Winter.

Keep Up with the Outside

Clear your porch from leaves, twigs, and other debris that might get tracked inside. Sweep the surfaces of your entryways to remove dust and any caked-up mud. You can also consider power washing your sidewalks and other walkways to go the extra mile.

Use Doormats

Doormats are a great way to show your uniqueness and even greet your guests with a cute greeting. In addition, they are wonderful at providing a way to remove dirt and mud from your shoes before entering the house. Having one just outside the door is a prime location for a sturdy mat. You can also place one inside to place wet shoes on so that they can drip-dry efficiently. You can even use mats on top of carpeting in your high-traffic areas to cut down on fading and stains from water damage and the like. The only thing to top off your usage of mats would be to teach Fido how to wipe his paws too.

Speaking of Pets

Since your household pets don’t understand the concept of keeping floors clean, they present a big challenge in maintaining the look and smell of your carpet. Try containing them in the first room they enter from venturing outside. You can do this by closing the door, install a gate, or entering through the garage. There, you can wipe their feet before they go running through your house.

Don’t Wear Shoes Inside

If you want to cut out all possibilities of tracking around dirt and moisture that has the potential to ruin your carpeting, you should take your shoes off at the door. You can even get your kids to join in on this good habit. You can provide guests with slippers that only remain indoors if they are hesitant to follow this rule. Organizing with baskets and racks will make this practice much easier to follow.

Keep Up with your Maintenance

During Winter months, you might notice that you must spot clean more frequently. There is more mud during this wet season, so these kinds of stains are going to occur more often. Vacuuming regularly will also cut down on the amount of dirt, salts, slush that might have made their way in and onto your carpeting.