To restore or buy new?

To restore or buy new?

When considering to restore a rug, many come to a point throughout their customer journey where they think, “why don’t I just buy a new rug?” This can be a valid question in some instances, but there are a few things to keep in mind when making this decision. We wanted to publish a blog highlighting some of the things to consider when debating whether to restore or buy a new oriental rug!

Condition of Rug

When the condition of the rug is past the point of no return, a new rug is in order. But sometimes making that distinction between the point of no return and one last restoration is a difficult line to determine. At Persia Oriental Rug, we would be happy to give you our professional opinion regarding if a restoration will give you what you are looking for. If you are trying to hold on to design or pattern, our staff is knowledgeable on everything we have in inventory and can provide you with something similar if we have it in stock!

Design and Layout of the Room

Are you considering re-decorating the room the rug is in? Did you happen to base a lot of the furniture in the room around this particular rug? If you plan on taking the room in another direction completely and the condition of the rug is in rough shape, it may be time for a new rug. If the surrounding furniture matches the rug nicely and through research, a similar one is hard to find or out of your price range, a restoration can make the most sense.

Historical/Sentimental Value

Has the rug in question been passed down by a parent or family member? While you may not be a fan of about the design or it looks damaged beyond repair, do some research regarding how long its been in your family. Not only can an antique rug have sentimental value, older rugs that have stood the test of time are usually of the highest quality. The advantage of Persian rugs is they can be restored from most states due to how they are woven together.

Persian rugs can be restored from almost any condition if you are willing to pay the cost. Just like with a car that is totaled, considering how much the rug is worth compared to how much it will cost to repair is a good question to ask yourself when considering restoration. Here at Persian Oriental Rugs, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with our expert opinion and access to our expansive inventory. If you are considering a buying a new rug or restoring an old one, feel free to call us at 508-753-4667 or leave an inquiry on our contact us page! We look forward to hearing from you!