Unique Places to Put Your Oriental Rug

Unique Places to Put Your Oriental Rug

Oriental rugs can fit into more spaces in your home than you think! They are a versatile rug that looks great anywhere. Whether you are gifted one or have had one lying around for years, it’s best to make the most of it! Many people choose the display them in living rooms and other common areas. Here are some other spaces in your home where you can place your Oriental rug:

Oriental Rug On a Wall

Oriental rugs are known to be a work of art. Displaying them on a wall can help preserve their beauty and act as a type of tapestry. It makes a great focal point in any room! It is also a great way to add some color to your walls when you don’t want to paint. Add some style and flair to any space in your home.

Oriental Rug On a Daybed

A bed is not a place you’d expect to find a rug, but a daybed might be a great spot to put yours! Oriental rugs can be warm and cozy, a great addition in any bedroom – on the floor or the bed! These rugs can brighten up your space and create a comfortable feel on the bed. It can always be moved for sleeping! 

Oriental Rug in The Bathroom

You can find rugs and carpets in bathrooms everywhere, and they are usually in the form of a tiny fuzzy rug in front of the sink. Add an Oriental rug to your bathroom! If you have a large master bathroom, an Oriental rug can look so elegant and classy in your space. Make sure you choose the right Oriental rug that won’t get harmed by steam and water so that you can enjoy the rug in the room for a long time to come!

Oriental Rug in Your Basement

Basements are not your typical space to find an Oriental rug. Adding one to your basement space can create a unique element of color! Many basement spaces are drab, but adding a pop of design and brightness will make it the best entertainment area in your home. Don’t be afraid of putting bold statements in places that you usually wouldn’t. 

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