Using Professional Service for Your Area Rug

Area rugs are a long term investment for your home since it is not inexpensive and hard to replace, especially if it was an imported rug made out of high quality material. Antique rugs are even pricier and have much value to them, you can check out our post on antique rugs here! Some might think it’s a good idea to clean their own rugs however instead of having rugs that are clean, they end up ruining their luxurious rug! To keep these investments valuable, oriental rugs need to be taken care of properly and with care by professional rug cleaners like Persia Oriental.
By bringing in your rugs to our experts, you will be getting thorough cleaning on both sides of the rug and fringe but also getting a moth and insect inspection as well! Professionals have the right cleaning solutions and the suitable tools for each area rug for the maximum cleaning results. By putting in the time and effort to go to a professional like Persia Oriental for your high quality rugs, it will prolong your investment since they have experience working and cleaning a variety of rugs the proper way. Along with skillful area cleaning, Persia Oriental also repairs rugs if they are damaged, please call us at 508-753-4667 or leave a message on our contact form to get in touch with one of our professionals today!