What Makes Persian Rugs Unique?

What Makes Persian Rugs Unique?

Persian rugs are known around the world for their incredible quality, intricate designs and beauty. Their reputation has been praised by both rug and antique experts, as well as decor enthusiasts who appreciate their superior quality and one of a kind designs.

The History of Persian Rugs

Persian rugs are truly part of the history of Iran and the land of Perisa before it, as well as the surrounding regions. The art of weaving these rugs started in early 500 B.C.E. and has become a firm part of their traditions ever since. The artisans who weave these rugs are considered in very high regard, and it is still considered a valuable skill to this very day. This skill is often passed down from family members to their children, and the styles and traditions are embedded in these family lines.

One of a Kind Art Pieces

Persian rugs are not simply decorative floor coverings, they really are each a unique piece of art. Every handmade Persian rug is completely unique. You’ll never see two genuine Persian rugs with the exact same color and design. In addition to these one of a kind designs, the colors of Persian rugs are known to be extremely rich and vibrant. The natural dyes that are used come from specific plants that are only found in those regions of the world. Because genuine Persian rugs are hand woven, they are far superior in quality than their machine made counterparts. They are much more durable, and they last much longer.

Are Persian Carpets Worth The Money?

For those that aren’t familiar with the rich reputation of a genuine Persian rug, you might be wondering if they are really worth the cost. Of course, that depends on your wants and needs as an individual, but for those who are within the right budget range and are in need of a classic piece or antique for their home, there are few better choices. For those that are still on the fence, it’s sometimes easier to understand that a genuine Persian rug is simply in another category and class than a machine made rug, not only when it comes to quality, but truly considering that it’s a piece of art that has its own story and history behind it.

Where Can I Find a Genuine Persian Rug?

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