Where Are Oriental Rugs Made Today?

Where Are Oriental Rugs Made Today?

Oriental rugs are made from Morrocco to places in Northern China and India. This stretch is called the Rug Belt or Islamic Carpets because the majority of these countries that produce Oriental rugs are followers of Islam. Today, the most important oriental rug weaving areas are in Turkey, China, Iran, Pakistan, India, and Afghanistan.

There is a reason why the area from the Maghreb to the Middle East and all the way to China and India are major producers of oriental rugs. There is a lot of grassland pastures in both mountains and flatlands that can support the domestication of sheep. Dye also comes in handy as well in these areas, making them perfect for rug weaving.

There is one note to mention, because of the overgrazing of sheep, many traditional areas have become deserts and the wool has to be imported from Australia or New Zealand. It is also the economics of supply and demand, the wool rugs are getting more and more expensive compared to the ones that are made of cotton.

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