Where Should You Put Your Rug in Your Home?

A rug is a perfect addition to any home. The rug will keep your feet warm when winter arrives colder than ever, and will keep dirt off your feet in the summer. If you find that your home is missing something, but you aren’t quite sure what it may be, a rug could be your answer!

If you are unsure about where to put the rug, however, here are some ideas about where to accent your space.

  1. If your floor plan is open, hundreds of feet of wood flooring makes your home appear quite spacious. However, with too much space, your furniture can look like it’s not anchored down to the room, and ultimately your space will feel incomplete. Consider adding a large area rug to your biggest room to help tie everything together.
  2. Layer rugs! If you love the look of a Persian rug, but can’t afford the (sometimes) hefty price tag, consider laying the smaller Persian on top of a larger, more affordable rug. This is an excellent way to mix patterns and fabrics.
  3. Add a fuzzy rug next to a fireplace. Play into the warmth of the fireplace. and take a seat on a cozy rug. Plush rugs are moderately affordable and stay clean relatively easy. Also, they most always come in an off white color (this is the natural hue) which cuts down on dirt.
  4. Add a rug under a table only. You can add a pop of color in one spot with a smaller rug for tables or end tables. This way, you are saving on expensive area rugs, and are staying on trend as well!
  5. Mix and match rugs. You can mix and match patterns for each rug. This will keep the area interesting, and allow you to explore what designs you are drawn to. (Picking just one pattern can be tough)

Once you find the right rug, your home will feel that much cozier. Remember, don’t be afraid to take chances and go for bold patterns. Your home is your space to make your own!