Worst Things to Spill on Your Rug

Worst Things to Spill on Your Rug

You have selected the perfect rug for your space; it has the right color scheme and the craftsmanship is exquisite. You want to keep your rug around for some time, but keeping it in top shape will likely be a challenge. No matter the strength and durability of your rug, there are several items that can diminish their lifespan, rob it of its beauty and destroy your amazing rug. Here are some of the worst things that you could possibly spill on your rug.

1. Beer

Beer may appear like less of an enemy of your rug, but while it may not leave a nasty stain, it can have you turning up your nose. Beer spills can smell and this is because beer is made up of both chemical and organic elements. It is difficult to simply wipe away the distinct beer odor. It can linger even after it has been cleaned and can cause mold and mildew to start growing, which would compound the odor.

2. Tomato Sauce

A red spill on your rug is an immediate 911 rug emergency. The natural red dye of the tomato sauce stains fibers rapidly and can be difficult to remove from textiles. You shouldn’t delay cleaning tomato sauce from your rug. If the tomato sauce has sat for days and has become a deeply set-in stain, more work is required to remove the stain than would be if you had cleaned it immediately after the accident.

3. Red Wine

Red wine is perhaps the most dreaded of all the stains that you spill on your rug. Chromogens and tannins are responsible for the natural color of red wines and once red wine hits your rug, it begins to sink into the fibers, moving throughout the pores wherever it can find space. If you wait too long to remove the stain, it could become quite tedious to get rid of since it will settle in and set.

4. Coffee

You may love to drink it, can’t do without it in the morning, or even need at least three cups to keep your day moving, but a coffee spill can be a nightmare. It can permanently damage a rug and even a small stain can be difficult to remove. Coffee leaves a stubborn stain and unless you can remove it, the look of your rug will be ruined. It’s an oxidizable stain that can be removed with an oxidizing agent that will get rid of the stain.

5. Ink

An ink spill can create a whole different set of problems when it comes to removal. You run the risk of removing the ink in the rug that give it its design or color. Ink, by design, was made to stain and can do permanent damage. You have to act quickly and effectively as possible to preserve your rug.


From beer odor to ink stain, there are several rug damaging enemies out there. You simply have to be mindful of the substances that you could possibly spill on your rug and if an accident happens, find effective ways to remove a damaging stain. If you do happen to spill on your rug, fear not because Persia Oriental Rug Gallery excels in cleaning all types of rugs. Give us a call today at 508-753-4667 or fill out a contact form.