Hand Made

Notice The Difference

Hand made Persian & Oriental carpets are If you were to compare a hand made oriental rug with its machine made counterpart, the difference would be immediately apparent. On both sides of the carpet, you will find that the handmade upholstery will be more colorful and intricate.

In addition, the quality of a handmade rug far exceeds that of one made by a machine, combined with the uniqueness and individuality it can bring to your home, these rugs are certainly the right option for someone with distinguished taste. 

red patterned oriental rug

Unmatched Quality

While this selection might be a little more pricey, the quality, authenticity and durability that come along with that price tag is quite unbeatable. Not only are they hand knotted by a select few of the most skilled weavers and oriental craftsmen in Eastern part of the world, but there’s really a wide selection to choose from when it comes to the style, color and size of our handmade Persian & Oriental rugs.

Completely Unique Designs

When you invest in a hand made oriental or persian rug, you get a product that is completely unique and one of a kind. No other rug in the world will look exactly the same as the one you own. More than just a piece of decor in your home, you are bringing a piece of culture and sophistication into your living space that can transform into a conversation piece at any moment. Because these rugs are completely handmade, they carry stories and culture within them. 

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