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Although tufted rugs are slightly lesser known outside the rug and carpet communities, they have a lot to offer and many see them as a great middle ground between higher end rugs that are completely hand made, and machine made rugs that are slightly more affordable. 

red and orange tufted oriental rug

How Tufted Rugs are Made

The construction of a rug tells us a lot about what its ideal use is, and it also determines the texture, quality, and durability of the rug. Tufted rugs are usually very high quality, but are slightly more affordable than a rug that is entirely handmade. One thing to note about the tufted rug construction is that they are created without the use of knots. Instead, weavers pull loops of yarn through the rug’s backing material using a special tool called a tuft. Although this can sometimes be done by hand it is less common. Then the weavers cut the loops to create an even surface on the top of the rug. Because this type of rug doesn’t need to be hand knotted, it requires less time and energy and can usually be had for a more affordable price than a handmade counterpart.

Ideal Use of Tufted Rugs

Tufted rugs are a great choice for high traffic areas within your home, such as common spaces, living rooms, or even bedrooms. Because they are easily made they come in a huge selection of colors and beautiful designs & styles. Another thing to note is that because they are made without knots, they can shed a bit more than their hand knotted counterparts, so they may require more vacuuming than average. Although they are easier to make than handmade rugs, they still have great quality, and with the wide selection of styles and colors available, you are bound to find a rug that fits your home perfectly!

How to Style A Tufted Rug

You’ll find that the designs of a tufted rug is typically less traditional and more casual than a handmade Persian rug. These whimsical designs should be embraced and definitely require a more laid back accompaniment than a traditional oriental piece. In fact many find that this style works a bit better for the average American household, especially one with kids that have a tendency to be a little messier.