Protect Your Persian and Oriental Rugs From Moth Damage With Our Moth-Proofing Services in Shrewsbury, MA

Moth-Proofing for Persian and Oriental Rugs

Your prized Persian or Oriental rug is an investment, and as such you want to make sure that it stays in optimal condition. Unfortunately, one of the biggest threats to your rug is moths, which can rapidly eat away at the wool and cause lasting damage. Luckily, there is a way to protect your rug from these destructive insects. At Persia Oriental Rug Gallery, we offer moth-proofing services to safeguard your rug from moths and other pests.

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Professional, Safe, & Affordable Moth-Proofing Services

At Persia Oriental rug Gallery, we use Zinc-Silver Fluoride to moth-proof your rug. This is a safe, non-toxic material that will not cause any damage to your rug or your home. This material creates an invisible barrier around the rug and helps to stop moths from eating the wool fibers.

Our moth-proofing services are both professional and affordable, so you can have peace of mind knowing that your rug is safe from moths.

How Do Moths Damage Persian and Oriental Rugs?

Traditionally, Persian and Oriental rugs are made by hand. The intricate details that make these carpets so stunning and unique can only be achieved with the expert skill of a professional. At Persia Oriental Rug Gallery, we only sell the highest quality hand-made rugs that have lasted for generations and will continue to do so. Our gallery has a wide range of rugs in several sizes, colors, patterns, shapes, and styles to choose from that will fit your budget and design preferences.

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