Machine Made

Machine made rugs are very different from hand made rugs; on the back of the rug, you will find an over stitch pattern. There aren’t any individual knots on these rugs, they are held together by the over stitch construction.

These rugs are perfect for customers that are on a budget, and perfect for high traffic areas, like living rooms, playrooms and tv rooms! If you have smaller children or pets, these rugs are the way to go; they are tough and durable, and easier to clean than hand made or antique rugs.

They may not be the same quality as hand made rug, but they are all still beautifully designed and their vibrant colors will bring any room together; in fact, for the untrained eye, it is often very difficult to tell a hand made rug apart from a machine made!

Since they are easily made, we have such a large variety of sizes, colors and designs; you are bound to find a rug that matches your room and home!


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