Rug Pads

If you find yourself constantly having to move your rug back into place then a rug pad is the perfect addition! We offer high quality rug pads that act like a buffer between your rug and floor. Persia Oriental Rug Gallery offers 1.4 inch thick rug pads that are textured with a rubber back to help with non slip.

Rug Pad Benefits

Rug pads expand the life of your rug by preventing dirt and and debris from becoming trapped underneath your rug.

Rug pads also help keep the shape and form of your rug by helping withstand the pressure from heavy furniture. Worried about stains from your rug. Some rugs contain extra dye from the weaving process and if there is enough pressure it can stain your floor if not dealt with. Rug pads help absorb that extra due and act like a protective barrier.

No matter how big or small your rug is, a rug pad is a must! Rug pads also absorb sound making a great addition multistory homes where you may be worried about neighbors. With the added bonus of increasing the longevity of your rug since they help hold in the fibers, rug pads should be purchased in addition to any rug.

Persia Oriental Rug Gallery Rug Pads

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