Oriental Rug Care

Expert Oriental Rug Cleaning Service

All rug cleaning and repair work is handled at our own facility in Shrewsbury MA by  our staff experts. Subcontractors are never used in order to ensure quality care of your rug.

To extend the beauty and life of your oriental rug, we provide expert cleaning in our Shrewsbury facility for all types of handmade rugs. Pickup and delivery service is available. To preserve their beauty, Oriental rugs should be professionally cleaned, every two to four years.

Our cleaning process is designed for Hand-woven Oriental rugs, going beyond  a surface wash for a deep clean to remove all embedded dirt and dust.

Oriental Rug Repair Service

Persia Oriental Rug Gallery offers rug restoration service by our in-house expert staff. When fringe is fraying it can be repaired by overcasting the end to prevent further deterioration or in some cases, re-fringing the rug by hand can make it appear new. Persia Oriental Rug also handles the restoration of worn edges.