Oriental Rugs in Wellesley MA

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Persia Oriental Rug Gallery in Wellesley, MA

Wellesley MA is a town in Norfolk County, and has a population of about 26,000. Many residents in Wellesley often find their where to our showroom in  Shrewsbury MA looking for authentic and unique Persian rugs. Our goal is to provide the people of Wellesley, MA and the surrounding area with the best rug selection that money can buy!

Oriental Rugs in Wellesley, MA

Here at Persia Oriental Rug, we supply some of the highest quality oriental rugs for customers in Wellesley MA; our rugs are both beautifully designed and reasonably priced. We have so many different styles of rugs, you are bound to find a rug that matches just about any room in your home!

Below is an example of some of the different category of rugs we provide to our clients:

Rug Repairs in Wellesely, MA

Not only do we sell oriental rugs, but we also repair and clean them! The founder and owner of Persia Oriental Rug, Michael Sadigh, has over 30 years of experience in both cleaning and repairing oriental rugs. During the winter, your rug can get dirty relatively easy with all the dirt that gets dragged into your home. Don’t waste you hard earned money on a brand new rug when you can get in cleaned for a fraction of the cost and extent its life!

Rug Pads for Sale in Wellesely, MA

Persia Oriental Rug Gallery now offers rug pads! Rug pads also help keep the shape and form of your rug by helping withstand the pressure from heavy furniture. Some rugs even contain extra dye from the weaving process and if there is enough pressure it can stain your floor if not dealt with properly. Don’t take the chance, get your rug the rug pad it deserves and extend the life of both your rug and floor!

If you’re interested in purchasing one of our rugs, or for our repair/cleaning services, please give Michael a call at 508-753-4667; we are looking forward to adding that special ingredient that really brings your room(s) together!