Mildew Treatment for Oriental Rugs

Mildew can be your oriental rug’s worst enemy, especially if it has been present for over a month! Mildew will eat the cotton foundation of your rug, and if it has been present for longer than a month, your rug may be too fragile to clean! Upon inspection, we will be able to tell if a rug is too fragile to clean.

Our mildicide will kill mildew on the spot; for rugs that are not falling apart, the mildicide is a great product and will help mend the damage done by mildew.

Our mildew treatment services will also help get rid of that rusty smell, which is present on rugs who have either been in contact with mildew, or have been stored in damp areas.

For more information about our mildew removal services, or for a free estimate, please give Persia Oriental Rug a call at 508-753-4667.