8 Benefits of Having an Area Rug in Your Home

These days it’s all about the hardwood floors or tiled floors. Home buyers are often looking for a house with hardwood floors and tiles due to their longevity and ease of cleaning. One additional reason people prefer hard flooring is because they have the ability to instead use area rugs. If you have a home with hardwood floors and tiles, here are a few benefits for adding an area rug to your interior spaces.

Why Have an Area Rug in Your Home

  1. Improved Interior Decor. Choosing a Persian oriental rug or patterned rug can be just the item you need in order to start re-decorating the rest of your room. We always recommend choosing a rug before choosing curtains or upholstry as rugs often have more color options that you can work into the rest of the room’s decor.
  2. Designated Play Area for Kids. Are your kids constantly playing with toy cars, trains or other items that give you a headache when banged or scratched along the hard floor? Opting for an area rug means they can now have a designated play area without scratching up the floors. Please note that we do not recommend using an oriental rug for this particular reason.
  3. Reduces Noise & Echos. If you live above neighbors in an apartment or town home, it’s courteous to lay area rugs down to reduce noise — you may also find that you will get less complaints from other tenants. We highly recommend laying down rugs and runners in high traffic areas.
  4. Warms Your House. For those of us that don’t have heated floors, winters here in Massachusetts can be quite brutal even if you have the heat cranked up on full blast. Although hardwood floors are better with absorbing heat than tile, an area rug can add that extra layer of warmth for you and your family. Not only will rugs ensure warm toes, but also save you on heating bills by trapping heat.
  5. Improved Comfort. There’s nothing better than taking your shoes and socks off and enjoying a plush, soft carpet beneath your bare feet. Oriental rugs can improve you and your family’s comfort so that no one needs to be walking on hard tile throughout the house. Our oriental rug experts recommend at least putting rugs in bedrooms with hardwood floors to improve comfort.
  6. Reduces Allergies. Contrary to popular belief, area rugs are actually great for reducing allergies (as long as they are cleaned on a regular basis). Instead of having dust and debris running loose like tumbleweeds across your wood or tiled floors, area rugs can act as a trap for these particles and will hold them in place until the rug is cleaned, thus reducing allergens being kicked up into the air when walking through the room.
  7. Protects Your Floors. You’ve invested hundreds or even thousands of dollars on installing or refinishing hardwood or tiled floors — so why not protect your investment with an oriental area rug? Area rugs from Persia Oriental Rug Gallery are available in a variety of shapes and sizes in order to cover high traffic areas. Reduce wear and tear on your wood floors with a new rug.
  8. Reduces Trip & Fall Accidents. Improve your home’s safety by placing area rugs in places such as front entrances, at the foot of stairs and in other high traffic areas. Those with young kids running around in socks on hardwood or tile floors are an accident waiting to happen! Having the friction of a rug will prevent slip and fall accidents.

Interested in an area rug? At Persia Oriental Rug Gallery, we have thousands of oriental rugs and modern area rugs to choose from. Check out our selection online and contact us to place an order or to inquire about pricing!