How do You Determine the Quality of an Oriental Rug?

How do You Determine the Quality of an Oriental Rug?

When purchasing an oriental rug, here is what you should use to grade the quality of the rug you’re interested in: Tightness of Weave, Quality of Wool, Density of Rug.

Let’s begin with, Tightness of the Weave: The tighter the weaves are, the more wool that was used to make the rug; the higher quantity of wool and knots, indicates a high quality product.

Next, let’s take a look at the Quality of the Wool: As we mentioned earlier, the more wool, the higher quality the rug is. Also, the quality of wool will help determine the durability, appearance and value of your rug. Your rug should NOT feel dry, nor should the color run or shed.Oriental Rug Care

Finally. the Density of the Rug: If you push your finer through the pile of the rug, if your finger has traveled deep into the rug, then it is more dense, and thus more durable.

These are just some of the ways to determine the quality of a rug; of course, the professionals, here at Persia Oriental Rug, will help you find the perfect rug that will fit the look of your home. The rugs in our showroom are among the highest quality in the industry!

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