How to Clean Up Your Oriental Rug After A Spill

How to Clean Up Your Oriental Rug After A Spill

Have you or a family member accidentally spilled on your beautiful oriental rug? You tried everything from paper towels to baking soda and the stain is still not coming off? Well, the proper method of cleaning up varies among the liquid that was spilled. So here are some ways to cleaning up a spill for some of the most common liquid that gets spilled.

Steps to Take for Common Spills

  • When wine, coffee, soda, or pet urine gets spilled, the first step to take is to absorb as much liquid as possible. You can use paper towel to blot the spill.
  • The next step is to dilute the spill with water. It may require a lot of water, possibly a half cup for a small spill and a quart of water for a major spill. However, do not get it very wet unless you need to.
  • The third step is to remove as much liquid as possible by blotting with paper towel.
  • If the rug is still wet, wait for it to dry for several days or you can elevate it to generate more air circulation.
  • If the stain is still not removed, contact a professional rug cleaning expert as soon as possible. With the right tools and right techniques, most spills will come out in the wash.
  • Do not use spot removers that will harm the wool in the rug.

Special Circumstances


Pet urine is different from other common stains in oriental rugs because it changes the chemical composition of dyes. So in the case when you see urine, remove it the same way as other stains and then rinse it with a solution of water and distilled white vinegar. If th urine is already dry, please contact an oriental rug cleaning expert.


If the rug is wet due to flooding or plumbing, make sure to dry it and then contact a oriental rug cleaning specialist later.

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