How to Stop Your Rug from Bunching Up

How to Stop Your Rug from Bunching Up

Keep Your Rugs From Bunching Up With These Top Tips

Area rugs are a great accent to add to your home with color, interest, and texture to your home. However, when your area rug starts to slip and bunch up underfoot it does little to be a solution and more of a problem. Your area rug can be placed on top of a carpeted area to anchor it from sliding away. Here are a few tips to ensure your area rug is as functional as it is aesthetically pleasing in your home rather than a tripping hazard.

What Causes an Area Rug to Bunch Up?

Area rugs are held in place by either the force of gravity or friction. If your rug does not have enough friction, it will continue to move away from its intended spot. In addition, if heavy furniture is placed on top of the area rug, it can cause the rug to bunch up as well. Weighted furniture, such as a couch or bed, can cause an area rug’s fibers to move and shift over time, leading to a wrinkled and bunched-up rug.

How to Prevent Rugs & Runners from Bunching Up

Vacuum & Clear the Space Where Before Placing Your Rug

The first step to keeping your area rug from bunching up is to make sure the floor is free of dirt and debris. Vacuum the room or the area of your home where you are placing the rug. This will help keep dust and dirt from getting trapped between your rug’s fibers, which can cause the rug to shift over time.

Choose a Rug Pad & Place it Underneath Your Rug

Getting a rug pad is one of the best ways to keep your rug in place. Rug pads are made of a rubber or foam material that will provide extra cushioning and grip underneath the rug, preventing it from slipping or bunching up.

How to Attach a Rug Pad

Step One: Unroll your area rug face down and place heavy books to hold down each of the corners and let them uncurl. Then lay down the rug pad on top of the area rug and use a utility knife to cut to size. Make sure to measure the edges of the area rug so the area rug extends past the rug pad by 1 inch.

Step Two: Take away the rug pad and create an ‘X’ shape with double-sided tape crossing the center of the rug. Now place the rug pad on the back of the area rug that will face the floor and the ‘X’ you created. Smooth out the rug pad across the tape until a strop hold is made.

Step Three: Gently reverse the area rug so the rug pad that is attached to its back is on the floor. Lastly, position your now sturdy rug in the area you want.

Choose the Right Size Rug for Your Room

When selecting your rug, you should choose a size that fits the dimensions of your room. It is important to make sure your rug isn’t too small for the space you are placing it in, as this can cause it to move around and bunch up.

Place Duct Tape on the Back of Your Rug

Using duct tape on the back of your area rug is an inexpensive way to keep your area rug in place. Simply attach strips of duct tape on the back of the rug and place it in the area you want. The extra grip will keep your rug from slipping and bunching up.

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