Winter Rug Care Tips

Winter Rug Care Tips

Winter is coming, and with it, snow speckled streets and mugs of flavorful hot cocoa. Even though this is a pretty magical time of year, there are a lot of seasonal factors that can adversely affect your rug. Snow slush can make its way into your home due to holiday foot traffic, leaving unsightly imprints and potentially damaging your rug’s integrity. Below you’ll find some simple tips and tricks to thwarting any issues your rug may face during the colder months.

Vacuum Rug Weekly

Weekly vacuuming is crucial to keeping your rug looking brand new year round. Debris and dirt can become impacted in the fibers if you haven’t vacuumed in a while, making it more difficult to return your rug to its original pristine condition. This will also keep your home free of dust and other allergens that have accumulated throughout the year, which can leave your family feeling sick and stuffed up.

Schedule Annual Deep Cleanings

This is an absolutely must for your Oriental rug. In general, your rug should undergo a deep cleaning about once every year to a year and a half. This is the best way to keep it looking beautiful during the winter and to make weekly cleanings easier.

At Persia Oriental, we offer rug cleanings that tackle a variety of concerns, implementing mothproofing and in-depth sanitization for an end result that truly sparkles. Those with sensitivities to many cleaning products don’t have to worry – our soaps are free of dyes and perfumes. We believe in truly cleaning your rug, not covering up the problem with unnecessary additives.

Assess Rug For Necessary Repairs

Your beloved rug has been in the family for decades, and you’ve noticed it’s been looking a little worse for wear lately. This doesn’t mean it’s time to kiss it goodbye! Bring your rug to us at Persia Oriental and we’ll give it the TLC it requires. We can patch up any holes or damage, using precisely-colored threads to match the original hue perfectly.

One common issue that can make your Oriental rug look ragged is the fringe. Pets, food spills, and harsh footwear only exacerbate this issue in the winter months. We can provide a new rug fringe for you to impress your guests before your holiday party or Christmas celebration!

Use Fabric Protector

Being proactive about your rug care will save you a lot of trouble in the long run. Spills and stains are pretty inevitable, but they don’t have to be the ruin of your rug. We provide scotch guarding services, which protect the rug’s fabric, keeping accidents from penetrating the rug’s fibers and causing permanent stains. Since the winter is such a busy time of year, getting ahead of the mess is the best gift you can give yourself.

Keep Shoes Off Your Rug

This is one of the easiest winter rug solutions to stick to. Shoes track in mud, snow, salt, and other debris from the outdoors, which can warp the color and state of your rug. In the winter, your shoes are likely to be much more dirty than in other seasons, so your best bet is to leave them at the door. Traversing your home barefoot or in socks/slippers stops your rug from experiencing rough scraping or deep stains, elongating the it’s life so you can enjoy it for many more seasons to come.

Did you find these tips helpful? Are you looking for additional ways to keep your rug in amazing shape? Reach out to us at Persia Oriental Rug today to discuss our cleaning services further and to receive a 100% free estimate!